A Little Girl Shares a Secret

The last Aim Lower Journal featured the ‘Best Secret Ever’ cards that help children introduce their friends to Jesus. Peter Empson, the creator of the cards below shares a story of a girl in a village in Myanmar who did just that – shared the best secret ever.

“I was in the heart of Myanmar. I was there to give training to pastors and others wanting to work with children. Outside through an open window was a little girl not much older than twelve, dressed in a one piece garment which had seen many a better day, she was nursing a small baby for someone. But she was listening intently to what I was saying. In the end I waved her in and for three days she sat there listening intently. Her name was Moe Moe. And she lived in a small bamboo home nearby.

At the close I went to my young friend giving her the 14 ‘Best Secret Ever’ cards with pictures on one side and an explanation in English on the reverse. Pointing to a few children who had just come in, I told her to teach them what she had just heard from me. For the next ten minutes she went through the cards one at a time. I was astonished. Somehow she had memorised in detail all I had said. At the close she went to talk to the pastor, requesting he let her run a club with the children of her school. He apparently refused being worried they may damage his church.

Unperturbed she started the club for about 20 children in her own home. I visited her a year later and found her still using the same pack of cards every week and playing some games. Was it effective? Would the children get the right message?

One boy there wanted to ask me something, he must have been eight or nine. He had become a Christian but was being bullied at school both by his class mates as well as teachers. They would sometimes steal his school bag, hide it and suggest he pray to his God to help him find it. At home his parents wanted him to pray as usual to the Buddha in their home. “What should I do?” he asked me. I tried to think what to say. Then I told him when he knelt down he should simply talk to Jesus. He looked at me shocked and asked how he could pretend to pray to something that was not the right God. This boy had taught me a huge message.

The life of Moe Moe and of the little boys was something I will never forget. A trust, faith and courage which far outstrips any feeble attempts of mine.”

The cards are just some of the resources and ideas being created and donated to the ‘Children Everywhere Walking with Jesus’ ministry toolbox. A free resource being put together by the many ministry leaders that make up the Global Children’s Forum (GCF) being launched in May 2018.
Go to Max7.org to download the Best Secret Ever cards now for free!