Best Secret Ever

Can you join all the children together using four connected straight lines? There is a secret way to do it. Another much greater secret tells how God has a rescue plan for everyone in the world.

Cards for Children to Reach Children

This is the first in a series of illustrated cards sharing ‘The Best Secret Ever’. The cards are a resource to help children reach their friends for Christ. The 14 cards help a leader share the gospel with children. The idea is for the children to then share the cards and their message with their friends and family. The cards have a picture on one side and words explaining their meaning and message on the other. A wordless version of the cards is also available for children to use.

Children in villages in South Asia have used the picture cards to share Jesus with their friends and families. The cards are proving to be a highly effective tool and fun for children to share.

A Trainers booklet is also provided to help leaders equip children to use the cards. The best news is the cards & training booklet have been formatted for sharing on smartphones/mobile phones. So they can be shared on a phone or printed as cards. The cards are just some of the resources and ideas being created and donated to the ‘Children Everywhere Walking with Jesus’ ministry toolbox. A free resource being put together by the many ministry leaders that make up the Global Children’s Forum (GCF) being launched in May 2018.

Go to to download the Best Secret Ever cards now for free!

Have you worked out the puzzle yet?