Brazil is a Big Country

Covering roughly half of South America, Brazil is the world’s 5th largest country so what is the likelihood of two people unknown to each other, working together initially on Portuguese translations for the Children Everywhere site, find out that they live in neighbouring cities. This is Andrea’s story.

L-R Andrea, Joseane, Pablo

“When I attended Lausanne Young Leaders’ Meeting in Indonesia in 2016 I met Pearl Ganta [India] and Sara Wangiri [Kenya] who talked about the Global Children’s Forum (GCF).  I was delighted with the idea of ​​this group, the materials and resources coming from there. So when the GCF gathering in Budapest was announced through the WhatsApp network I quickly filled out my application and told Pearl that I was enrolled!

After the Forum I pledged to be available to support in any way possible, especially with translations in the Portuguese language.  Becky [Australia] asked Pablo [a fellow Brazilian] and myself to finalise the captions in Portuguese for the “Children Everywhere” video. So I met Pablo virtually, finding out that he had participated in the Leadership Experience (LE) course in South Africa that year. What a joy to know more Brazilians were involved with GCF!

What a coincidence (because Brazil is big!!) that Pablo is from the same region as me, and had just moved to a city next to mine, having recently got married to his wife who had been living there.

Having connected through GCF, I then ran a course on Child Protection in the new church they attended and met Pablo and his wife personally. I have had them over to my house where we have talked, prayed and planned. In addition to having hopes to teach Child Protection courses together, we are now planning to give virtual courses on a [digital] platform…In the future I hope that more and more partnerships can happen.”

Isn’t it great the way God blesses us by connecting His body, when we commit ourselves to work selflessly for His kingdom.