Children Praying is Powerful

Children’s prayers are powerful. Their heavenly Father hears them and moves quickly to answer. They have the power to silence the enemy as Psalm 8:2 says “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.”

On the 24th of February children from three churches in East London, South Africa gathered as part of a World Wide Day (WWD) of Children Praying for Families. 115 children with parents and leaders were led through four stages of prayer. They prayed for their own family, a family they knew in their community as well as prayers for families in their country and the world. Fun, related activities both inside & outdoors were run between each prayer stage. Pat, organiser of the event said:

“It is geared to help children know that God can use them to touch others by their prayer, that they too can be part of what God is doing and that they too can serve God in many ways. When they see God answering prayer, this is encouraging for them, builds their faith and helps them to trust Him more.

This helps children who face great challenges themselves in their homes to know that they can pray and seek God for their situation, as well as for God to work in their families’ lives.”

This prayer initiative was birthed by Pat and others at a Global Children’s Forum (GCF) gathering in 2016. GCF is set to birth more new ideas to see Children Everywhere Walking with Jesus at the next gathering in Budapest, Hungary 14 – 17 May, 2018. GCF will be celebrating 10 years of being an incubator of ideas, a powerhouse of kingdom collaboration and an encouragement to those working and walking with children to see them meet and grow in Jesus.

Another prayer initiative has been running for over a year across Latin America with great results. Using Whatsapp people join their country’s group and receive a daily prayer point focusing on children. Prayer calendar organiser Alberto (GCF champion from Mexico) is keen to see more countries join. Contact Alberto (Whatsapp #: +521 551 295 4896) with your name and country if you want to be part of your country’s daily prayer group for children.

As part of the Commonwealth Games running on the Gold Coast in Australia this month a youth-led movement are trying to break a world record by creating the world’s longest prayer chain. Their aim is to show that Christians around the world are united through prayer and in love. You can visit the website and add your prayers to the chain that will be both spiritual and literal, as it is made up of what they hope will be a record-breaking 177,000 kilometres of prayers written on linked wristbands by the deadline on 14 April, 2018.

And here’s some more great resources to help you and your children to pray:

So get praying with a group of children you know, and watch what God does!