Equiping Children to Understand the Bible

What are the foundations that help us equip children to understand the Bible. Here are several different resources that help you explore this vital subject.

Bible synopsis – how to teach the whole Bible narrative
This collection helps you to teach, train or inform children about the whole Biblenarrative. Visual aids, curriculum and other components work together to help us see the big picture of the Bible.

Bible handling goals for children
Children of different ages approach the Bible in different ways. As their general skills grow, so does their understanding of the Bible and their skill in using it. Discover the knowledge, skills and attitudes that leaders will encourage children to develop by the upper end of their age group.

The interactive impact of colouring a picture
32 Bible lessons for children ages 4-12 about the Life of Jesus. These lessons introduce children to the main events in Jesus life, from his birth to his ascension into heaven. The lesson order is flexible, though it is recommended to start this series in December, preparing for Jesus birth, and teach the Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension lessons on the corresponding calendar days. Each lesson features a coloring page with a key verse and an activities page. These are great lessons for those who are not yet strong readers. Teacher resources include a lesson plan and suggested activities for each lesson.

Opening the Bible with Children
How do you have conversations with children about the Bible? Children need to engage with the Bible not just hear or read it. Help them to explore and understand so that it has relevance and meaning for them.

The Big Story of the Bible – and why it matters
This is a great article for children’s ministry teams but will also be very helpful to give to church leaders. It is clear and creative and helps you examine how you communicate the Bible and the portrait it paints of the character of God. This will aid you as you plan and establish the foundations of your ministry.

Drama helps children understand and engage
15 fun 1- page dramas written for 4 actors. Use all together in a series or individually. Originally written for a week-long Bible club program, they are grouped by theme and include small group discussion questions. Great for downloading and having to hand.

Training your team to understand the Big Story of the Bible
Each participant will understand God’s big story as revealed in the Bible and see themselves and the children, teens, families and sports people they minister to as part of the story of God at work in the world.

We’ve selected these resources as they all offer different ways of thinking about helping children understand the Bible – we hope they are useful. All of the above are also available as a library of resources here – Bible Engagement