Games on the Go!

Do you ever feel the pressure when you need to run a game with a group but end up repeating the same one you’ve probably played too many times? Or you’re searching for a game to fit a teaching point but don’t know where to look? Nine new easy-to-follow Games manuals are now available for download at The manuals have been formatted for mobile phones so you can find and follow game instructions on the go!

The ReadySetGo sports movement have been collating and creating games for fun; as icebreakers; for small and large groups; for team building; and for all ages for many years. As a global movement of leaders dedicated to seeing disciples for Christ in all nations in the world of sport and play, they know a lot about the power of games. In fact one of the ‘Go’ strategies of the ReadySetGo movement is Active Kids Discipling – using sport and play as a tool for growing children in their walk with Jesus.

All children are learners and sport and play opens up many ways to disciple children actively. There are 3 fundamental keys to active learning – building positive relationships, fostering curiosity and understanding that children learn in different ways.”

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And it’s not just children who love to play games. The All Ages Discovery Games manual contains 25 games for the different generations to play and learn together – children, youth, adults and seniors. A wonderful resource for an all ages worship gathering, festival or family camp. The All Ages games enable all ages to contribute and learn from each other. The activities help a group connect quickly, laugh together and be challenged to discover new ideas. (

The games manuals are free and ready for download so get amongst it!