Global CHILDREN’S Forum

For nine years Global Children’s’ Forum (GCF) has been creating, developing and releasing new ways of helping children’s ministry leaders around the world engage with children in their communities to share the gospel. There are numerous projects like KidsHubs (Max7, 2Fish5Bread resource disks/USBs, 1for50 training for children’s ministry leaders) that have been undertaken by GCF that could not have been achieved by any individual organisation.

South African children thinking about following Jesus

Interestingly each of these focused on equipping leaders to reach children in their communities. What about children introducing others to Jesus? Children making disciples?

This was the focus at a recent ‘global’ event that was hosted simultaneously (or at least when the time zone allowed) in numerous venues around the world –Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Philippines, Nigeria, Uganda, two South East Asian countries and Australia.

It was a unique event to gather children together, hear from them about their challenges in introducing Jesus to their friends and to keep following Him themselves. The aim was to explore what it means to a child to be a disciple of Jesus.

Each location had the opportunity to communicate with children at other gatherings around the globe. This in itself was an enormous encouragement to many of the children, allowing them to realise that they are part of a ‘global’ faith and there are others battling the same issues.

The children discussed issues such as Who helps you walk with Jesus and How do they help? Can you do anything to help other kids walk with Jesus? What do you need to help you do this?

Indian young people exploring the difficulties of following Jesus

There were a few key takeaway messages from the children:

  • Social media and peer pressure are an issue for children in every culture
  • Parents play the biggest role in children knowing Jesus
  • There is a passion and a real sense of urgency for help from children in countries where standing out as a Christian can cause difficulties.

GCF is particularly excited to have recorded the opinions and ideas of young people around the world. To hear the struggles and joys of walking with Jesus to better inform what is worked on together as a movement. As a result of this Global CHILDRENS’ Forum, it is hoped a ‘peer to peer’ curriculum will be developed that allows children and young people to explore the bible together and encourage one another.

There is now interest in conducting a follow-up forum at the end of the year.

If you want to be involved in the next global CHILDREN’S forum with your young people keep in contact with the KidsHubTV facebook page.