Good News this Easter

Are you looking for help to share the good news of Easter this year? the free resource website has some awesome animations and corresponding sessions, and they’re free to download!

The Easter Story lessons and animations – has 4 video presentations to walk children through the Easter Story from the Bible. These videos have been sensitively created to tell the Easter story, and make it possible to show to younger children. Suitable for 6-12 year olds.

R U Smarter than a Fly? There are 5 youth oriented videos in this library to start discussions and help them think through the death and resurrection of Jesus – the two that are most closely connected to Easter are Darkness and Let’s Eat! Suitable for 11-16 year olds.

Easter Unwrapped – is a complete 2 session Easter outreach aimed at children aged 5-12. It has 60 minutes of programming, with a short version that can fit in 20 minute school assembly or classroom lesson. Check out the songs, leaders’ videos, children’s videos and lesson plans.

Perhaps you have an Easter lesson or presentation you could share with others. Share it with the world by uploading to

Enjoy planning to share this life-saving Good News.

P.S. Since we love resources for free 🙂 we found a website that gives away a free audio book each month. This month you can download  ‘Talking with your kids about God?’  Could be great to listen to when you’re in the car.