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The Max7 website features a variety of Bible resources including curriculum, videos, music, and training materials for use through children’s or young people’s ministry, sports or creative ministry. This worldwide partnership freely serves the work of evangelism, helping children and young people live life to the MAX, 7 days a week with Jesus – the life described in John 10:10.

With an easy-to-use multilingual search function the website allows users to find resources relating to a Bible verse or keyword.

In addition, the Max7 community is able to participate and contribute to resource development through feedback and uploading new resources to the site.

We want to multiply user-friendly, multi-language tools which provide access to a wide range of open-source resources for children’s ministry – from every country, for every country. These materials have been donated and translated by many organizations and individuals. They are anonymous (no reference to individual organizations or authors) and free of copyright restrictions. The goal is not to advance individuals or ministries, but to serve the church and enable it to reach the children of the world.