Messengers of Hope in a Digital World

How can we be messengers of hope to our peers, family & communities in this digital world? This was one of the questions asked of groups of young people around the world who gathered for the second Global Young People’s Forum (GYPF).  They also spent time brainstorming a new name 🙂 . The new name will be used for a YouTube channel and any other digital platforms the GYPF create together.

The GYPF first begun after a desire of the Global Children’s Forum (GCF) to include children and young people in the life of GCF. To hear their voices and add their unique contributions to the new ideas, resources, training and discussions coming out of GCF.

Small groups of young people gathered from Australia, India, Uganda and the Philippines, with some leaders observing from Zambia, who joined together for a global call. They looked at how they could encourage each other to speak up about what they believed.

So what were some of their responses?  The leaders of each country group summed them up:
India: It was their first-time meeting kids from other countries and doing a ‘Zoom’ call. These kids use their phones to share videos, watch TV and share YouTube links. They had previously done media training with us and they hope to use their skills like singing, art and games to share about Jesus. This has been an eye opener for them. They now want to use technology and their skills to share about Jesus.
Philippines: The kids that were on the call were tasked with making their own video on how they would want to share Jesus to other young people.
Australia: The kids spent a number of hours filming some videos that are now being edited. They had some wonderful ideas about what they would love to see on YouTube and what they think their friends need to hear.
Uganda: While the kids from Kampala could not get out of school, they met at a different time and discussed the questions and decided to make Bracelets for their friends.

So what’s next?
Once a name is chosen for the group and a YouTube channel created, they will begin uploading  & sharing videos that the children/young people have made. Those involved would love to see opportunities for children around the world to be part of workshops to create videos to share on this Youtube channel. The Australian group is hoping to start this month.

The GYPF continues to share ideas and connect via a Whatsapp group. If you are interested to involve your children’s group, post a message on the ChildrenEverywhere Facebook page.