The Coach with a Vision

Imagine coaching a team of young soccer players and seeing your influence through the faithful sharing of God’s word and weekly mentoring, making a difference in the homes, neighbourhood and schools the players were apart of. This is the testimony of Joel, a KidsHubs coach in Togo.

“My name is Nahm-Tchougli Palamang Joel, I am 19 years old and I am in senior year in high school. I am a Sport (Soccer) Whole Life Coach in Agbodan village in Togo. I am coaching 35 children in soccer. My dream is to become a professional footballer or high profile Coach to impact the world positively. Through these children I have become mature and responsible and my spiritual life grows day by day. More importantly it has given me direction.

The life of these children is transformed through the Discovery Bible Study that we run after each training session. Their life is transformed in their home, in the streets, in the schools and in the village. We do the follow-up together with their parents.
My vision is to make these children the leaders of tomorrow who would serve Christ and will impact their village and the whole world.”

Joel is a part of the KidsHubs Teens leadership program in Togo headed by Eric. He said, “we are coaching and mentoring more than 50 teens who are coaching 20 to 40 children on a weekly basis in Under 11 and Under 13 years soccer academies.

Eric and his team’s next step is to “open an official school where talents and gifts will be celebrated together with faith and knowledge at the secular school.”

Eric was first challenged to serve God in a new way when he was introduced to sharing Jesus through the world of sport and play by the global sport movement (see And through the Global Children’s Forum’s (GCF) KidsHubs program which helps young people understand how Jesus is part of their lives through the engagement and teaching of life skills (

Keep KidsHubs Togo in your prayers because in Eric’s words “the Lord is doing great things amongst the younger generation of leaders here.”