The Max7 Resource Website Explained is a Global Children’s Forum project and is part of the ‘Open Source’ ethos of the overall partnership. There are at least 7 very practical things you could do at the site. These could enhance your local ministry or help you help others in training situations and with resource materials

1 Find resources in your language

There are many languages now available on the site with resources varying from several to several hundred, depending on the language. You can also help by translating resources into your mother tongue if you have the skills to do that.

2 Find a curriculum
The best resources help you guide your children through a bible overview over a period of several years. If you need to find this type of teaching resource Max7 will guide you to several. It also gives you resources for other contexts such as sports ministry and kids games.

3 Seasonal Resources

Many more people engage with church life during the special festivals such as Easter and Christmas. Max7 will give you access to a wide range of resources related to these and other festival such as Harvest. This may be helpful if you looking for new resources that are inexpensive.

4 Training Materials.
There are 2 types of resource that you can find. There are training outlines that will help you resource others. You can also do what many do and make their own compact disc from material downloaded from the site.
They then copy that disc and distribute it to those attending the event. For those working with more limited resources there may still be the opportunity to download resources and print them locally.

With the growth of mobile phones and smart phones people could also be directed to the web site to get the materials direct.

5 Activity materials 

Sometimes you may want printed materials for the children that you can print locally. Search the site for the subject for the subject that you are focusing on and you will often find activity sheets that are relevant.

6 Advocacy for children

As we seek to encourage others to support and enable work with children in the church and in the community we may have eloquent words and great printed materials. A video can often help us start that conversation. Search the site for the two very well known animations, Aim Lower and Today. Both are great discussion starters

7 Great animations
There are a number of high quality animations of key biblical parables, including the lost sheep story. These have great musical backgrounds but no speech so that someone in your community can read in your language.

Visit and use the search facility to find what you need.