Training for Every Leader

When the 1for50 dream was birthed at the Global Children’s Forum ten years ago, no one could have imagined that it would grow into a global movement with activity in more than 100 nations! Praise God for all He is doing! 1for50 is a children’s ministry training and networking initiative. Its vision is to see 1 leader trained for every 50 children in the world.

New Core Training Curriculum
1for50 is committed to equipping men and women so they can reach, disciple and empower children. TWELVE is a core training curriculum that covers basic skills and foundational understandings in the following areas:
  • The Heart of the Leader
  • Making Disciples
  • Reaching the Unreached
  • Nurturing the Whole Child
  • Engaging Families
  • Building God’s Kingdom Together
  • Partnering with Children

The TWELVE training curriculum has been revised and updated, including the addition of a new lesson on Partnering with Children. The curriculum is currently available in 8 languages with more translations underway. It is typically used as a 3 – 4 day training.  But some have incorporated it into a Bible College course, while others have used the lessons as stand-alone training sessions.

The TWELVE training curriculum has produced amazing testimonies of leaders equipped, challenged and encouraged. From Indonesia two young male leaders wrote:
“Ten years ago I was a Sunday School Teacher.  I taught kids only out of love, but didn’t see it as discipleship.  Children are like a hidden pearl.  Often I get mad at my niece/nephew for their mistakes.  Last night I cried, realizing they are a precious treasure.  I want to go home and love them more.”
“In our denomination there are 65,000 children and 35,000 teachers.  Thank God that through this training I’m equipped to have the heart to be a children’s minister to them, build bridges and strategy to reach them.  Our target in 2018 is that all the children in all our churches would understand the gospel.”
A 1for50 trainer in Ethiopia wrote:
“One of the lessons we teach focuses on Jesus’ teaching about welcoming children in Matthew 18:5, so we gave participants a homework assignment that night to go into the community practice and welcome children, following Jesus’ example. The next morning one young man stood up to testify, ‘Last night I went out and saw 5 older children.  One was lying beside the street and looked sick.  I felt compassion for them so I stopped and started talking to them.  I invited them to come eat with me.  Suddenly the 5 became 14, and eventually 23 children.  After feeding them as best I could, I began to ask them about their families and beliefs. I asked them if they wanted to be on the street and they said, ‘No, but we don’t have parents who support us or help us.’  They said they believed in God, and they have dreams, but they are stuck on the street.  I’m so grateful that I took the time to help them. I feel that this is something I need to be doing back in my community.’ I was so touched by this man’s holistic compassion for these street kids. Praise God that the lessons we teach are not just theory but that they are becoming reality in the lives of the people we train!”
Go to now to download the TWELVE Curriculum for free.
TWELVE is also one of the resources donated to the ‘Children Everywhere Walking with Jesus’ ministry toolbox. A free resource being put together by the many ministry leaders that make up the Global Children’s Forum (GCF) being launched in May 2018.