Videos to Use with Children Everywhere Challenge

Go… this command from Jesus (Matthew 28:19) was for all people and that includes children. Jesus saw potential in children and blessed them. He praises their abilities, their attitude and their faith. It is God’s heart for children to have a relationship with Him and to tell about Him to others. This is what the Children Everywhere Challenge is about.

Global Children’s Forum (GCF) has released many transformational ideas that have impacted the world and increased ministry with children. All this is done in partnership across many agencies and shared freely, in many cases anonymously, and in an open-source manner, for the sake of making the best tools and best thinking readily available for everyone.

Part of the resource tools that explain each of the 5 parts of the the campaign:

CHILDREN EVERYWHERE WALKING WITH JESUS, include a challenge curriculum and Voice of a Child (VOC) video series. Below are two of the five videos and the Children Everywhere vision casting video that are available now.

WALKING: This part of the challenge talks about how learning to walk with Jesus can happen anywhere, at any time, with anyone – or alone. What does the life of a child walking with Jesus look like?

A boy from Brazil called Theo tells us in the latest ‘Voice of a child’ video that his parents, friends, football coach, his church and leaders; praying and reading the Bible for himself, all help him walk with Jesus.

This new video exploring the WALKING part of the Children Everywhere Walking with Jesus vision can be a great conversation starter to use when doing the Children Everywhere Challenge with a small group. It is currently available in Portuguese with English subtitles and without subtitles. It can be downloaded at by clicking here.

JESUS: This part of the challenge is about bringing Jesus to others. As children walk with Jesus, they bring Him and His message of hope into their world. They can share Him in places and ways that adults can’t. Are we overlooking the contribution children can make to the Great Commission?

Ana, a girl from India asks the question, ‘why can’t she be involved in telling others about Jesus?’

Involving children in mission, sharing what they know about Jesus as they walk with Him, is what the final part of the Children Everywhere Walking with JESUS vision looks at.

This video is available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Malayalam and Tamil. It can be downloaded from by going to the Toolbox and selecting the 1.Thinking folder, then Videos folder and then Voice of a Child folder.

Partners of GCF have come together to make these videos and translate them. If you would like to see them in your own language please partner with us. You can download transcripts of the videos for translation for VOC – Walking video (Theo) on Max7 by clicking here and VOC – Jesus (Ana) video by clicking here and then clicking the link under the download button labelled Show Translation Files.

A short introductory video of the Children Everywhere Walking with Jesus vision is also available in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish & Tagalog from by going to the Toolbox and selecting the 1.Thinking folder, then Videos folder and then Children Everywhere Vision folder.

Would you walk with a child in their Go journey with Jesus? Would you help other adults do the same?