Violence in Schools

For some children, not even school feels safe. Edwin, a children’s ministry leader in Kampala, Uganda knows this only too well. He works closely with children in disadvantaged areas of Kampala where they face violence at home and school. “Due to ignorance, many of these children don’t even know it is violence. (It is just part of their daily lives),”Edwin said.

Student Involvement

Spurred on to do something, Edwin and others have been visiting 9000 children in 30 schools, working with groups of children to find solutions to ending violence in schools. They have looked at the various forms of violence in schools – caning, verbal, sexual, emotional & physical abuse. The workshops advocate a culture of zero tolerance of all forms of violence in schools. Instead, they see are advocating positive alternatives such as mentoring, guidance and counselling as a way of encouraging children to learn and strive in schools.

Gala Day for Hope

20 students from each school will attend a special Gala Day of Hope on November 14th. Workshops and activities will help them look at the topic of violence against children. The students will present their ideas at the workshop through writing, song, dance, drama and games.

Edwin wrote, “#ChildrenGala2017 aims to create safe schools in which children in Uganda can learn, play, thrive and develop into productive, self-driven adults. It is to ensure that teachers, fellow children or people they trust, do not trample upon their right to peaceful, secure and enabling school.”

Joseph’s life in the Bible will be used as an example of someone violated by his own brothers and God’s redemptive story that resulted.

Check out the KidsHubTV facebook page for an inspiring video of what a group in Kenya are doing to address violence against children.