Vision Carriers

As participants went home from the Global Children’s Forum’s gathering in Budapest they carried with them a powerful vision. To see Children Everywhere Walking with Jesus (CEWWJ). Armed with the new website and the Children Everywhere Challenge and Toolbox of ministry resources, people have begun reporting back to the GCF Community how they are already sharing this vision:

Last night at Bethel Seminary‘s graduation communion service, I was the person bringing the meditation. And with a packed house I preached from Matthew 18:1-5 and shared the vision of children and families everywhere walking with Jesus!  The impact of GCF continues to ripple. (Denise, USA)

I spoke with our children’s worker and our senior church leaders…Looks like we’re likely to run a 5-week session on CEWWJ, using the materials, in the autumn. It seems such a natural conversation to have. (Richard, UK)

The next Monday I will give a workshop to the SIM missionaries in the country about the “highlights” of the GCF in Budapest and how to use the resources online and the flash drive. (Andres, Uruguay)

I’ve just done the introductory session of the children everywhere challenge with a group of Sunday school leaders. They loved it and are looking forward to doing the other sessions. Thanks for such a great resource! (Rachel, Wales UK)

Had a table conversation with my family last night. And as we dived into the 5 we sort of had a lengthy discussion on God’s value for children and provision of a safe space…got to hear my children share some of their ‘unsafe’ moments and experiences in school a few of which I wouldn’t have imagined. (Jacky, Kenya)

So what are these Challenge sessions and how are people sharing the vision?

Children Everywhere Walking With Jesus Challenge is a series of sessions that are designed to challenge people in how they think about and approach children’s ministry – ultimately, to see children walking with Jesus, regardless of their context.

The Challenge has 7 sessions that are particularly aimed at churches and small groups (which could include children & teens as well as adults). The sessions are designed to help people think about each of the words Children – Everywhere – Walking – with – Jesus. For example what does it mean to disciple children Everywhere? Are we creating environments of safety and nurture where children can thrive? And can children share about Jesus in places and in ways that adults can’t? Do we overlook this with our current methods and strategies?

This Challenge resource and the accompanying Toolbox of hundreds of donated resources for use in children’s ministry have been enthusiastically embraced. One Bible College in Taiwan has already begun translation of the materials into Mandarin. The Challenge sessions are available in French, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish along with English from the website. 

The hope is to have small groups of church leaders, ministry volunteers, parents and young people explore new ways of connecting with and discipling children.

Take the challenge and join others sharing the vision of CHILDREN EVERYWHERE WALKING WITH JESUS.