Shikwaru 2020 Sponsorship Policy

We recognise that our commitment to the ongoing GCF vision requires the presence and participation of a range of Kingdom thinkers and seekers from around the world. The central GCF budget is very limited and as participants we are responsible to raise funds for our own time and involvement. We realise, however, that it is not always possible for all individuals to cover the full costs themselves. We encourage individuals or organisations with the capacity to do so to contribute towards the costs of others as an investment in the Global Children’s Ministry community. You may do so directly to GCF or through this registration form. In addition, we have some central sponsorship funds available to those who are not able to raise all the necessary funds in any other way.

Guidelines for central sponsorship funds

  • Our primary goal is to enable many people from many different settings to attend the conference, providing valuable input into conference discussions and plans, and then continuing their involvement as they help to develop those plans between conferences. Therefore, sponsorship priority will be given to those people who have displayed a willingness to be actively involved in the work of GCF on a consistent basis – both at the conferences and between them.
  • Sponsorship will be awarded after the sponsorship application date of [DATE]. We must have your completed application by this time for you to be considered for funding.
  • The basic level of sponsorship covers the cost of registration (shared accommodation, all meals and meeting expenses). If you would like a single room you will need to pay those costs yourself.
  • Limited additional sponsorship may also be available to help with travel expenses. We require a minimum personal contribution of US$xxx towards these. A larger contribution will allow the sponsorship money to assist more people. Based on this and your situation we will determine your sponsorship amount. Any additional expenses will be your personal responsibility. Please bring confirmation of all costs to the conference or email it to us in advance.
  • In most instances we are only able to provide assistance for one spouse in a married couple to attend. In some cases when both spouses are actively involved in GCF projects we may provide partial assistance to both spouses or sponsor one spouse when the other one is paying their own way. In all cases, you will not be able to bring any family members (spouses or children) to the conference who are not actively involved in GCF.

Above all, we trust God to provide everything we need and we ask you to be in prayer with us concerning the provision of the needed funds. We’re so thankful for your commitment to this journey together.

GCF Facilitation Team